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im new

name: Devon
age: 14
location: San Diego, California
10+ bands: reel big fish, the suicide machines, big d and the kids table, new order, mustard plug, one man army, placebo, operation ivy, at the drive in, the planet smashers, spunge, the aquabats, the postal service, streetlight manifesto
5+ movies: about a boy, lord of the rings (the fellowship of the ring, the two towers, and the return of the king), catch me if you can, harry potter zoolander, try seventeen
5+ interests: ska, the beach, my trumpet, going to shows, my friends, shoes
3+ books: lord of the rings, harry potter, this lullaby, because of romek, a child called it.
Turn ons: eyes, hair, guys in tight jeans, good taste in music, sense of humor
Turn offs: being rude, liars, smelling bad, smoking
Your thoughts on drugs: not for me, but i can’t tell people what to do.
Your thoughts on homosexuality: people should be allowed to love or marry whoever they want. same sex or not, it doesn’t matter.
What makes you so damn cool: what doesn’t make me so damn cool?
5+ pics:

sorry its blurry, it was taken like . . .3 days ago, so its the most recent one i have

im on the right

im on the far left

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