Miguel thinks Flor is the shit!! (roadkillfetish) wrote in thecoolclub,
Miguel thinks Flor is the shit!!

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this is a lil song i wrote for the cool club
(pum pum......PA.....pumpum pi doo pa do pa pide po pideooooo ni no ni no ni no paw wow ow ow wow *pic slide* chun chun chun chun....) -cool club yea yer not in it cause you a fucking tool COOL CLUB YEA!( pum pum pum reee no ninonoininooo...PUM PUM PA CHING CHANG pu CHING CHANG CHIN...CHING....chino chin ni no pree dio pa chi chi tru da) ...COOL CLUB FUCK YEA! we got trucks and we dont need you fucks *Breack down* PRIN BUNG PING COOOL PRING BUNG PLONG! CLUUB PRING BUNG PLING COOOOOL BUNG PNIG COOL CLUB!! PING...BUNG...PING...PRIN..BUNG..PING.BUNG BLINGBLONG PRI NINO NO NO NO NIIIIIIII!!!*fade away with feed back*...thank you thank you...its kool....i am wearing a scarf so...hey w/e im irish.
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