SMALLGUYS (mixed_emotions_) wrote in thecoolclub,

name: Gabriel (smallguys)
age: 15
location: Miami
10+ bands:
- Thrice
- Saves the day
- Alexisonfire
- My chemical romance
- Taking back sunday
- Fall out boy
- The blood brothers
-Black line grind
- Hot cross
5+ movies:
- Fight club
- Seven
- Dawn of the dead
- Kill bill
- 28 days later
5+ interests:
- Music
- Chilling with my friends
- making it to the little girlies?
- Chilling with the hgr crew
- going to shows
3+ books:
- the zombie survival guide!
- god thats it i cant remember the rest
Turn ons:
-eyes, lips, personality, sense of humor, jet black haired chicks and blonde haired chicks,
Turn offs: chicks that smoke.
Your thoughts on drugs:im not into it but im not against it or anything
Your thoughts on homosexuality:same as drugs
What makes you so damn cool: my cancer looking
5+ pics:

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good music, good movies, cutie . so yes :)
hah thanks =P
Don't know you, but I dig the first pic.
Hell yeah, I know this guy from good times in 6th period :)
haha, yea we did have good times in that class.
Damn ive been o this thing forever >_<

am i in or not?
i say YES smallguys is tits

Smallguys = The Tits.

<3 x10
I heart Gisell.....i heart her a lot! =P
You are the sex.