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Alright. I've noticed certain people joined but yet... no applications. We're going to have to start to ban/remove you if you don't get it up soon. Also, please do not post (only application) or comment or judge others if your not approved {It's a green picture saying, "Accepted. Vote and promote"). We have been very lineant with this, from now on we will delete. I am going to approve some people, to benefit the community and to get things rolling. The rest, it's up to Angela and Diego to approve or reject. Also, just because you joined the community does not mean your accepted and you could post everywhere. NO. It means you must put up your application and then get the approval or rejection. Obviously if you get rejected, please "un join". Your not wanted, why bother?

Moderator 02 has spoken.

<3 me.

Don't bitch and complain. They are the rules deal with them.
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