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name: Adriana
age: 16
location: M-I-A re-pe-zen
10+ bands/artists: Incubus, Dave Matthews, The Postal Service, N*Sync (Hell yeah!), Coheed (but only when I'm listening to it with the right people), Marc Anthony, Yellowcard, Britney!, Alejandro Sanz, Ludacris, Maroone 5 (ey screw you), and yeah... Drum Corp.?
5+ movies: Never Been Kissed, The Count of Monte Cristo, Ocean's Eleven, Ever After, Mean Girls (hell yeah!)
5+ interests: Chocolate, Color Guard, Volleyball, Music, Boys
3+ books: Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Othello, Anthem ( Notice how these are typically books read in high school english classes, letting you know I don't read too much, I'm a math person)
Turn ons: Humor, Intelligence, Respect, Hotness?
Turn offs: Immaturity, Cursing, No sense of humor, and not being nice to me... even if I'm mean to you... :o)
Your thoughts on drugs: Don't do them?
Your thoughts on homosexuality: Let's go shopping! ;o)
What makes you so damn cool: Hmmm. I'll get back to you on that.
5+ pics:I'm sorry :o( Blame Angela!
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